San Francisco :: Definitely a Full House

In the nearly eight years I lived in California, I never went to San Francisco. Instead, I waited until I moved to Colorado then went back West to see what SF was all about. It was…interesting to say the least. Very unique. My visit was short, just a long weekend, but I sure enjoyed exploring the many parts of San Francisco!

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Nicci + Jordan :: Epic Love

Nicci and Jordan have EPIC love; the kind that shakes you to your core. Just being in a room with them, even if you don’t know them, will make you tear up. PROMISE!

I could write a novel about their love, wedding, and all the details that went into this wedding, however I am NOT a writer so I will spare you the blabber and let the images speak for themselves.

*settle in (possibly grab a tissue) cause I had a hard time picking my fav of favs, so this may or may not be a long post 😉 IMG_3694






The two wort their own vows as well as love letter to one another before their first look.

IMG_3715 IMG_3783




IMG_4093 IMG_4024

IMG_3956 IMG_3928





First Look…man was it a doozy!

IMG_4289 IMG_7281 IMG_4351

IMG_4378IMG_4389 IMG_4405IMG_4387     IMG_4362 IMG_4366IMG_4413IMG_7333 IMG_7302 IMG_7258 IMG_4534 IMG_4526 IMG_4523 IMG_4522 IMG_4511 IMG_4480 IMG_4466 IMG_4446 IMG_4236 IMG_4230 IMG_4227 IMG_4200 IMG_4176 IMG_4170 IMG_4143 IMG_4136 IMG_4120 IMG_4013 IMG_3995 IMG_3994IMG_4580IMG_7491IMG_7377IMG_7362IMG_4783IMG_4802 IMG_4758 IMG_4756IMG_4747IMG_4704 IMG_4671IMG_4649IMG_4602  IMG_3773IMG_7588

Venue: Deep Woods Events

Florist: Josiah Bump @ Rhythm and Blooms

Hair: Ivy Smith @ Mujeres Salon and Spa

Makeup: Lisa Bass

Catering: Cornucopia Catering

DJ: DJ Brady

Videographer : Charles J. Griffin 

Rings: Gold Works

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: Blush Bridal