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Kevin + Dana :: Love & Football

I told them ‘don’t worry I will direct you guys here and there.’

Well, they didn’t need much directing, at times it even felt like they didn’t notice me! CHA-CHING!

I never had to ask them to smile, I actually had to ask them not to smile a few times.

Super happy, easy going, beautiful, and they love football; needless to say I was one happy photographer!

IMG_5096 IMG_5177 IMG_5212 IMG_5225 IMG_5269 IMG_5280 IMG_5301 IMG_5311 IMG_5313 IMG_5324 IMG_5333 IMG_5404  IMG_7717IMG_5417

Nicci + Jordan :: Epic Love

Nicci and Jordan have EPIC love; the kind that shakes you to your core. Just being in a room with them, even if you don’t know them, will make you tear up. PROMISE!

I could write a novel about their love, wedding, and all the details that went into this wedding, however I am NOT a writer so I will spare you the blabber and let the images speak for themselves.

*settle in (possibly grab a tissue) cause I had a hard time picking my fav of favs, so this may or may not be a long post 😉 IMG_3694






The two wort their own vows as well as love letter to one another before their first look.

IMG_3715 IMG_3783




IMG_4093 IMG_4024

IMG_3956 IMG_3928





First Look…man was it a doozy!

IMG_4289 IMG_7281 IMG_4351

IMG_4378IMG_4389 IMG_4405IMG_4387     IMG_4362 IMG_4366IMG_4413IMG_7333 IMG_7302 IMG_7258 IMG_4534 IMG_4526 IMG_4523 IMG_4522 IMG_4511 IMG_4480 IMG_4466 IMG_4446 IMG_4236 IMG_4230 IMG_4227 IMG_4200 IMG_4176 IMG_4170 IMG_4143 IMG_4136 IMG_4120 IMG_4013 IMG_3995 IMG_3994IMG_4580IMG_7491IMG_7377IMG_7362IMG_4783IMG_4802 IMG_4758 IMG_4756IMG_4747IMG_4704 IMG_4671IMG_4649IMG_4602  IMG_3773IMG_7588

Venue: Deep Woods Events

Florist: Josiah Bump @ Rhythm and Blooms

Hair: Ivy Smith @ Mujeres Salon and Spa

Makeup: Lisa Bass

Catering: Cornucopia Catering

DJ: DJ Brady

Videographer : Charles J. Griffin 

Rings: Gold Works

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: Blush Bridal

Oregon :: is B.E.Autiful!

A few week ago a wedding took me to Oregon for the first time! The day after, my friend Regina drove me to the coast. It holds a special place in her heart (she got engaged there!) She thought I needed to see it…. BEST IDEA EVER! (why she’s my BF!)  The Northwest coast is amazing, and I only saw a fraction of it. We got there midday, just in time for the fog to really roll in! At one point we listened to the waves to get our bearings.

IMG_4830 IMG_4831 IMG_4833 IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4843 IMG_4844 IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4849 IMG_4850 IMG_4851 IMG_4853 IMG_4854 IMG_4859 IMG_4862 IMG_4865 IMG_4867 IMG_4869 IMG_4876 IMG_4880 IMG_4887 IMG_4890 IMG_4894 IMG_4897 IMG_4899 IMG_4904 IMG_4907

Mysti + Brandon :: Some Light Fun

I have been dying to get out with my new flash for some off camera light! A little tricky but this was my second shoot familiarizing myself with two light sources.  I LOVE the new options it gives me to get creative with light behind my subjects.

My subjects the other night was a SUPER, UBER cute couple, Mysti and Brandon. Maybe it was because I was pretty quite while messing around with my equipment, but I felt like these two didn’t even notice me. There were all eyes at each other and of course didn’t bother smooching! When I got home and looked through this set, I thought to myself ‘this right here is why I want to do this. Why I want to photograph people!’ I hope you see their love as well as mine in these images!  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Cross 5 Ranch

This might be my favorite post yet, and yes I am a little bias because it’s family history. These photos were taken while I was home in mid May during a trip to the Nebraska Cross 5 Ranch, which my great-great-grandfather settled, where my Grandpa predominantly grew up. My cousin and I teamed up to record audio clips, take videos, and photograph the day. I put them all together resulting in a 20 min. slide show that I must say, am pretty proud of! Can’t wait to make some DVDs and give them out to family! I figured you all might just want to see the photos, so here ya go! IMG_1911 IMG_1915 IMG_1920 IMG_1928 IMG_1935 IMG_1941 IMG_1944 IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1955 IMG_1956 IMG_1958 IMG_1960 IMG_1965 IMG_1966 IMG_1968 IMG_1970 IMG_1975 IMG_1979 IMG_1981 IMG_1986 IMG_1987 IMG_1996 IMG_1998 IMG_2001 IMG_2008 IMG_2020 IMG_2025 IMG_2030 IMG_2045

Vicky :: Shine On!

Vicky and I have been co-workers for almost six years! She is so tiny, but has so much to offer! One of the kindest people I am proud to say I know, always putting others before herself. Easily one of the most popular stylists in our salon, she is known for her big curly red hair and kind heart. Oh and food, this small package LOVES to eat!

We met up one evening at a location I had never been to, boy was I glad we were tipped off to go here! So many different backdrops I could have shot for hours, but Vicky was getting worn out 😉

Who knew being so beautiful was tiring?

IMG_3199 IMG_3212 IMG_3214 IMG_3238 IMG_3260 IMG_3270 IMG_3308 IMG_3323

Cathy & Scott :: Happy Anniversary!

 Why does it feel like you guys just got married!? My, oh my does time fly!

I had a lot of fun photographing this wedding for a handful of reasons.  Of course because Cathy is one of my oldest friends, going way back to middle school. I can still remember the first day I meet her; in home economics class, wearing a Garfield shirt and I DID NOT LIKE HER! My how things have changed, I LOVE THE GIRL! A  fun element to her wedding was the HUGE bridal party and amazing setting, right on her family’s ranch! HELLO, old barn: CHECK, horses: CHECK, farm equipment: CHECK, plenty of beer: DOUBLE CHECK!

I wish Scott, Cathy, and Kirk the world. I hope this past year was nothing but amazing and that the future exceeds your expectations!

IMG_8047 IMG_7986 IMG_7195 IMG_7170 IMG_7157 IMG_7071 IMG_5416 IMG_5390-6 IMG_5380 IMG_5365 IMG_5274-2 IMG_5244 IMG_5243 IMG_5170 IMG_5138 IMG_5120 IMG_5110 IMG_5104 1 IMG_7823-3 IMG_7761 IMG_7545 IMG_7512 IMG_7471 IMG_7468 IMG_7460 IMG_7454 IMG_7447 IMG_7386



Victoria :: Hat Tricks

Victoria was on a time crunch to get her gift to her boyfriend together before his birthday. She contacted me on a Friday, we brainstormed, I had to perfect spot, she had the perfect outfits, and we meet up the next evening to make magic 😉

No but really, we did! Everything came together just right in spite of the rush. Once we got to the spot, the ideas started flowing and she was game for anything! She is a natural in front of the camera, made my job pretty easy! Her beauty is not only obvious on the outside, but the inside as well. Super nice, very caring, ultra polite, just an over all dream to shoot!

When a shoot goes so smooth, you just know the end result is going to be something to be proud of, as I am! These images will be highlight of my portfolio! IMG_2905 IMG_2919 IMG_2922 IMG_2952IMG_2957  IMG_2962 IMG_2970 IMG_3007 IMG_3039 IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3052 IMG_3077

Home :: Where My Heart Stays

August this year will be seven years since I left home and ventured as far west as I could go. Every summer I go home because it’s my saving grace. A time to remember my roots, soak in family & friends, clear my mind; wide open space does wonders for your soul!


This year I went home a little earlier than usual, in the Spring, which is a heck of a lot better than the middle of summer when it’s 100°+! (I get cranky in the heat) Last summer was hot and dry, I was home for a couple of the fires that destroyed acres and acres surrounding my hometown. The fire in August almost claimed my Mother and husband’s home outside of town. Thanks to neighbors and the amazing efforts of the hundreds of firefighters it was saved, burning up to their fence line to a fire road. The new grass where the fire blazed is greener than I have ever seen. It would be picture perfect if it weren’t for the  blackened trees.

One morning I walked behind their house to photograph the burn, it gave me a scary perspective of how close the flames came to their home.IMG_2170 IMG_2145 IMG_2098 IMG_2100 IMG_2101 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2120 IMG_2122

On a lighter note, the Nebraska sky didn’t fail me; amazing sunsets, beautiful soft light, vibrant rainbows, and threatening clouds. None of which get old.

final-2 IMG_1494

Speaking of old, ok not THAT old, but we do go as far back as middle school; my best friend Cathy was kind enough to take me out on their Gator (like a four-wheeler) to photograph their ranch.

IMG_2665 IMG_2663 IMG_2655 IMG_2547 IMG_2505 IMG_2500 IMG_2499 IMG_2496 IMG_2491 IMG_2490 IMG_2478 IMG_2463 IMG_2473

Just like old times we mobbed around for hours, she is a much better driver than I remember, only having to hold on for dear life twice.


Protecting my camera from the dust settling all over us was next to impossible. We were covered in it, eating it at times.


Nebraska facial 😉

She fed me lunch then we went back out to visit her calf Little Licker, a bottle fed calf with the best eyelashes. I must say I questioned eating beef again 😦 With a soft spot in my heart, we took off through another pasture to find her horses, her pride and joy. Growing up with horses, even after getting bit and bucked off, I love ’em, would love to have one of my own. Suppose that’s like a little kid wanting a puppy, because I have no idea how I would take care of one! With the Gator loaded with cake(for you city slickers: no, it’s not real cake like at birthday parties, it’s pretty much a horse treat) for the horses, it was no chore to get their attention. A little nervous at first, all their big heads, curious mouths, and heavy hooved feet, it took me a little bit to trust them. Specially since a few had a particular interest in my camera lens. It was really neat to see all their different personality, some a little more awnry than sweet. All beautiful, I just can’t help but feel a certain way around such powerful animals. I can see why Cathy loves them.

 IMG_2525 IMG_2508IMG_2565 IMG_2588 IMG_2576 IMG_2574 IMG_2567

The heat and dust started to get to us so we headed home for some Crystal-light and caught up on life. The day really could not have been any better.

Another must while I am home is driving those back roads. My dad and I tried our luck at chasing some thunderheads just outside of town, but they were on to us.

IMG_1489 IMG_1484  IMG_1486Not much luck that night so we made a plan to hit the open road on his Harley later on that week.

Our hangovers from the night out before got the best of us so we settled for a quick loop through town.


One could say my family is legit!


So good seeing this beauty! Glad we meet up!


We both agreed that between our current condition and the chilly air that the truck was more appropriate for our road trip. So we loaded up and off into South Dakota.

IMG_2093 IMG_2090 IMG_2089My trip wasn’t all fun and games, ok it was. However my Mom and I had work to do! We also ventured to South Dakota for some shopping, good eats, and to see some very special friends!



 Home for Mother’s Day, I of course put her to work, after a picnic lunch  🙂


Pardon the crappy cell phone pics!

Our shopping had a target; Antique glass bottles. We were successful! However, it came with some, well, old antique dirt as well. So we set up camp on the porch to clean, dry, record, and pack all 100+ bottles.


In the hunt for bottles, I was able to start my antique camera collection as well! CHAAAA!

Pardon the crappy cell phone pics!

The highlight of this trip was a visit to the Cross 5 Ranch my Great-Great Grandfather settled. But that deserves its own blog so keep an eye out for that post soon!

And like all good things, they must come to end. Scratch that, I dislike the word end. It’s so final and I always come home. It’s where my heart stays, no matter what. Too much good stuff has happened in this little corner of nowhere. I hold it all very close to me and have it and the people I grew up with to thank for the person I am today.

Until next time Chadron.