Behind the Camera


Yours Truly

After two years incollege for bio/business I realized I wasn’t being true to myself and my creative side, which is much more dominate/important.
Beauty school fueled by the desire for more brought me toSan Diego.
Photography took some time to surface, as I was a bit intimidated; I have so much respect for the art, intimidated because it’s so overwhelming.
I can’t say with all honestly that photography just happened, as it was a challenge.
Still is, which is one of my favorite aspects about it.

I charged my camera/gear, read as many books as I could get my hands on, became one of YouTube’s biggest nerds, and had a love/hate relationship with Adobe.
I shot selfishly, shooting for the pure joy of it.
Shooting people was something I had internally said I would never do.
Well, like they say, ‘never say never.’
Photographing people is, for lack of better words, my thing. It’s my nitch; no one, nothing can bother me while I shoot.
I LOVE doing it; it makes me happy, like little kid on Christmas morning getting everything they ever wanted happy. It makes me proud and continues to remind me  of the most important things in life.

I feel very lucky to be so passionate about something so limitless. The desire to not only see it all, but to capture and share it is overwhelming, yet empowering. Of my many hopes, one is to invoke something different within you, something you haven’t felt for a while, or ever, to see something in a new way, to remind you that simplicity does have power, detail is all over, and life is not posed.

I am everything but the standard pose and shoot photographer; I am all about capturing the raw, true emotion of love, life, and the connection between loved ones. My style might not be for everyone,
but I strive to capture a story, your story. So if you’re looking for someone fresh and creative to capture your story in a unique way, I can be just that.


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