2015 :: It’s Not Just a Daydream if You Decide to Make it Your Life

2015 sounds so refreshing doesn’t it?

Take a deep breath…..HELLO 2015!

Last year was magical for me; my husband graduated top of his class in Aerospace Engineering, my best friend had the most gorgeous wedding, we moved to Denver, escaped to the mountains for our dream wedding, honeymooned in Kauai, started a new and exciting career with Floyd’s 99 Barbershop and all the same things in between! Yes, 2014 was an amazing build up to NOW!

2015 is the year of NOW for me! No more waiting to start my dream! I am diving in and nothing is stopping me! I have been reading, researching, networking, brainstorming, saving, evolving, learning, STRESSING, and fantasizing about my business! Now that I have the time and energy to focus on this dream, it’s gaining speed. I suffer for instant gratification, like ‘right this instant’ instant gratification, when I want something I want the whole thing done like yesterday. Fortunately, this whole process is teaching me to slow down. With that, I am dying to share my current progress, but will hold off until its all official!

TEASE, I know, but I will share that Mackenzie Nemeth Photography is not the future for me; I will be going in a whole new, very specific direction.  I have found a niche that I am passionate about and see a world of opportunity in.

I will be pursuing this niche 100% and striving to specialize in it!

Can’t wait to update you, SOON! 


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