Melissa+Ebin :: Hot Pink Country Love

When the Groom cries, it’s THE best! I live to witness that raw emotion, to photograph it is very special!

These two got married in the cutest, most quaint, little small town white church!  But that’s not the best part, Ebin’s Grandparents, Parents and late Aunt were married in the very same church. If that doesn’t make for the beginning of a beautiful love story I don’t know what does.

Well, I suppose this wedding does 😉

IMG_8482 IMG_8513 IMG_8544 IMG_8583 IMG_8593 IMG_8615 IMG_8624 IMG_8635 IMG_8654 IMG_8714 IMG_8720 IMG_8765 IMG_8780 IMG_8821 IMG_8836 IMG_8858 IMG_8865 IMG_8881 IMG_8959 IMG_8995 IMG_9025 IMG_9127 IMG_9131 IMG_9134 IMG_9177 IMG_9217 IMG_9244 IMG_9248 IMG_9275 IMG_9368 z z2 z3

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