Cathy & Scott :: Happy Anniversary!

 Why does it feel like you guys just got married!? My, oh my does time fly!

I had a lot of fun photographing this wedding for a handful of reasons.  Of course because Cathy is one of my oldest friends, going way back to middle school. I can still remember the first day I meet her; in home economics class, wearing a Garfield shirt and I DID NOT LIKE HER! My how things have changed, I LOVE THE GIRL! A  fun element to her wedding was the HUGE bridal party and amazing setting, right on her family’s ranch! HELLO, old barn: CHECK, horses: CHECK, farm equipment: CHECK, plenty of beer: DOUBLE CHECK!

I wish Scott, Cathy, and Kirk the world. I hope this past year was nothing but amazing and that the future exceeds your expectations!

IMG_8047 IMG_7986 IMG_7195 IMG_7170 IMG_7157 IMG_7071 IMG_5416 IMG_5390-6 IMG_5380 IMG_5365 IMG_5274-2 IMG_5244 IMG_5243 IMG_5170 IMG_5138 IMG_5120 IMG_5110 IMG_5104 1 IMG_7823-3 IMG_7761 IMG_7545 IMG_7512 IMG_7471 IMG_7468 IMG_7460 IMG_7454 IMG_7447 IMG_7386



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