Rachel & Taylor :: Early Morning Shenanigans!

Last week I ventured to North-West Nebraska for my dose of home! I had the pleasure of setting up a few shoots while I was home with three girls I went to high school with.  This was exciting because I have not seen them for well over five years, but I also got to meet their little ones!

I was pretty excited to meet Rachel’s little boy Taylor, as I knew he would be a character!  His mom is one of the most memorable people I grew up with! It was refreshing that even as an adult Rachel was just as memorable, as well to see those traits in her son!

We meet up early for this shoot to grab that beautiful light! After warnings to keep our eyes peeled for mountain lions we were off and rolling, frog hunting with sticks in hand!  That morning could not have been any better!

Just gotta love Nebraska!IMG_7033 IMG_1530 IMG_1543 IMG_1559 IMG_1563 Untitled-1 IMG_6990 IMG_6974 IMG_1613 IMG_1569

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