Cheers To a Year!

The second wedding I ever photographed was already the most important; my childhood best friend’s wedding. No pressure right? Luckily I do well under pressure and was able to soak up the honor of being asked to capture her big day! I was a little taken aback when she asked me since I had only had one small wedding in the tin. I remember almost talking her out of it because I didn’t want to be asked just because she felt she had to. However, Regina is not that type of person; she is honest, straight forward, knows what she wants, and makes no excuses. (Just a tip of  the large iceberg of reasons why she is such an important part of my life.)

I really could ramble on and on since we have been friends since the 2nd or 3rd(?) grade but this post is to honor her and her husband, Brad’s one year anniversary! *PINCH* ya, it has been a year already!

Regina graduated from CSC and wed on the same day, told ya she is a go getter! Right after their wedding they moved to Rock Springs, WY where they bought a house and have been busy making it their own; landscaping, decorating, and gardening. It’s pretty safe to say that Regina and Brad spend the majority of their time outdoors; fishing, hiking, camping, boating, you name it!

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing the people in my life happy and healthy; why this wedding was so important and special to me. The day was all about love, family, fun,  and the next chapter!

So Regina and Brad,  here is to reminiscing on your perfect day, the past year, and a making a lifetime of memories.jUntitled-1IMG_6689IMG_6615IMG_6658I


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