Little bundle of Cash

I think I asked her about five times; “your what? Did you just tell me your pregnant, wait hold on, like pregnant, pregnant?” I thought I was in a dream having a dream.

Rachelle was another hairstylist that moved into the apartment complex the same time as me years and years ago. Actually we were trying to figure out how many years ago a few weeks ago, its been five. We sure did have many ah fun times at that apartment complex, *sigh* to be young again. How time flies so quick, hence why I was so surprised by her amazing news!

I am so glad her and I met, becoming friends so quick, but that is how Rachelle is. She is a friend to everyone she meets. Everywhere you go she is waving, chit chatting, and hugging someone. It’s really quite impressive! It’s a big reason I, along with all 1,000 of her friends are so excited for their little guy; she is going to be an amazing mother. She is one of the most genuine, kind, reliable friend I have ever had. Not to mention her smile is infectious which makes being around her such a joy!

Always putting others first, I am really excited to put her in the spot light with her maternity photos!

Rachelle and Tim are having a healthy baby Boy, Cash is due to arrive July 21!

See what I mean?

IMG_0785IMG_0841m  IMG_0995nIMG_6955

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