First Steps…

Aw, so I joined the blogging world! I have been wanting to so do for so long, attempted even a couples times. Failed because I gave into the lame excuse of ‘I don’t have enough time.’ Fortunately a new motto for me is ‘just do it,’ and no, not from Nike but from a quote that has made a big impact on my life as of late. “The difference between a dream and reality is just doing it,” Cheeming Boey. ( I have found myself far too many times making excuses to not do something and the worst part is that none of them are any good. So whenever I find myself teetering on the edge of to do or not to do, I DO! Give or take the circumstances of course. But this blog isn’t about my whole entire life, but the journey that my passion takes me down. Which in a way could be my whole life but I will spare you guys what I had for lunch today, or leave that up to Instagram (@mmmmknziiii)

I unofficially officially stared my journey in September of 2010. On a crazy whim I went to Fry’s electronics with my credit cards and bought my first baby, Canon Rebel T2i. Still love that camera and will have it forever and always, however I have a new favorite child; my Mark II. Any who, BAM I was a ‘photographer!’ Ok no, I knew I had a LONG way to go. It was really overwhelming, almost too overwhelming. This is where I would have given up and quit, but passion won and I pushed through. I started shooting whatever I could, reading as many books I could, watching youtube tutorials, seeking advice from anyone willing to give it, following other photographer’s facebooks and blogs, I mean you name it I did it. I WAS A SPONGE! I rose to the challenge, excepted criticism, and grew.  I was all about nature, landscape, the beauty that is right in front of us everyday, but we just really did see. I DID NOT want to shoot people, I already had enough with people being a hairstylist that photography was my peaceful escape, alone time, I didn’t want the ‘drama’ of dealing with people. Well, it was all just another excuse. A friend of mine asked me to take ‘a couple’ pictures of her and her boyfriend, and after pretty much a WHOLE day of shooting at Balboa Park and the beach I was hooked! There was still so much magic and peace in photographing people! The interaction between them, the small moments that are so easily looked over, AND I HAD SO MUCH FUN, boy did we have fun! I was so proud of those images. I still am proud of them, given the fact that I had NO idea what I was doing, but I knew that after looking through the images I had something here. Since then I have had friends get married, have children, get engaged, etc and they have all been the first steps on my journey. I have learned so much from each shoot, I am proud of where I am going and look forward to share the rest of my journey to my dreams!

The image that sparked it all

The image that sparked it all


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